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Kingsway Philosophy

The education of children should aim not to fit children into the existing order, but to help rear children to become happy human beings. Our schools provide tender care in a rich environment to support child-directed, child-initiated and teacher facilitated play where learning is a social, collaborative and interactive process. Educating young children means providing them with ongoing opportunities to learn act on their innate desire to explore. At our schools, we develop and operate high quality programs to support children in their active learning experiences and adventures. Children are encouraged to problem solve, accept responsibility and to have fun while learning.


Our program follows a consistent routine, giving the children a feeling of security. Within that structure, there is freedom for each child to grow and develop at their own rate. The programs are based around weekly themes. The themes are introduced through different areas of our curriculum ie: creative art, dramatic play, gross motor skills, manipulation, science/sensory and books. In addition to our different learning centres, we have "Circle Time" where we introduce songs, games and stories that emphasize our theme.


At our schools, our main goal is to instil self-motivation so that each child takes a positive view of learning in all areas. By focusing on all four areas of development (social, emotional, physical, and intellectual) we work towards helping a child become a healthy well balanced individual.