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For Our Parents

Outside of each of the classrooms is a parent board which will keep parents informed about all school happenings. Routines, snacks and current events will be posted here.

- Newsletters are sent out monthly

- Parents are invited to Christmas and graduation concerts.

- We have an open door policy, so if you have any concerns you are always welcome to come in and speak                                                                                  with the teachers and supervisor at anytime.

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Due to our schools being Allergy Aware and the Ministry requirements, no home-baked goods are to be brought to school. The school provides healthy, well balanced snacks on a daily basis. We are nut free and allergy aware.

What's your Line?

If any parents have an area of expertise or a cultural tradition which they'd like to share with the children in any format (talk, visual display, etc.) please speak with the Supervisor. It is exciting for the children to have a "real" artist, musician, nurse, doctor, police officer, etc. at their school.